The Heat scan is an online tool that improves the cooperation between two professionals within a week.

From just € 97.50 per participant.

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How Heat scanning works


The Heat scan asks questions online about the cooperation between two colleagues that work together. They answer the questions separately.


The Heat scan matches you and your colleague’s answers and establishes points for improvement in a clear report.


The Heat scan proposes a step-by-step plan and this creates the right atmosphere for the two to discuss and improve their cooperation.

Why managers, team leaders and entrepreneurs encourage their people to participate in the Heat scan

  • If cooperation is not running as it should, it is not just going to resolve itself, you have to intervene.
  • The Heat scan has demonstrated it is a quick and effective way of improving cooperation.

Heat scanning for you?

These organisations use the Heat scan

  • NS NS
  • BAM Techniek BAM Techniek
  • Toyota Toyota
  • Alliander Alliander
  • MS Mode MS Mode
  • Lexus Lexus
  • Gemeente Den Haag Gemeente Den Haag
  • Boontje Advocaten Boontje Advocaten

How managers experience the Heat scan

These people improved their cooperation

What is scanned?

The Heat scan highlights important aspects of the cooperation.

  • Emotion
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Listening
  • Feedback

A comparison of the Heat scan with other instruments

Heat scan Belbin MBTI
Number required Worthwhile from 2 people Worthwhile when every member of the team is tested Worthwhile when every member of the team is tested
Insights The specific relationship between you and the other General role within a general team Your personality
Results Tangible actions between 2 people Clarity in differences in personality Clarity in differences in personality
Expert required for explanation No Yes Yes

”If you want to get a little better, act competitively.
If you want to be exponentially better,
act cooperatively.‟

- William Shakespeare

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